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Singapore A Tuition

Singapore A Tuition is a site that serves to help your child attain that A (87%+) whether in primary, secondary school, or JC by finding the right Singapore tuition for you.

Find trust solutions and parents reviews to determine the right Singapore tutor for your child!

The Importance of Singapore Tuition

Singapore is synonymous to tuition as it is to food or shopping. It’s hard to deny the importance of Singapore Tuition for today’s students. In any comprehensive list of the top colleges and universities in the world, there are other factors being considered other than the quality of the teachers and the reputation of the professors.

Singapore is one of the top rated education system (thank you MOE) in Asia where many top dignitaries and diplomats from surrounding ASEAN countries send their kids here to learn. Despite the solid foundation for education encouraged by dear PM Lee, the actual fact that Singapore education still has it’s shortfalls. Specifically, not every student would be able to keep up to pace to the education or large class sizes can leave some much needed instructions left out. More importantly, many times teachers will vary by school (as we all know too well) and having bad teachers means O levels and A level results are affected. Thankfully, this can be remedied by a good Singapore tutor to help with your child’s education.

As noted, the ratio of teachers to students is an important consideration. If you want to give your child the quality of education she/he needs, then it may be time to consider additional tuition.

Fortunately for you, nowadays, it’s not so hard to find a tuition agency in Singapore. With the increase demands also forced increased supply in this market although the difficulty is differentiating which tutor Agency in Singapore are good and which aren’t.

There are also different kinds of tutoring available in Singapore. The Singapore tutoring may be provided at a local tutoring center, or the tutor may come to your home in Singapore. In some cases, tutoring may even be provided online.

Can a Tutor Benefit a Student?

There are several benefits to tutoring for Singapore students.

1. Acceptable pace Think of it as coming alongside a child lagging behind where they are to slowly bring them up in front of the pack. Having a good Singapore tutor can help any child catch up in their studies by meeting them where they are to challenge them on. Much like how you might kick start a car.

The 1 on 1 nature of Singapore tutoring means that the student receives the full attention of the tutor. So the teaching method and the pace of the tutoring can be customized to fit the needs of the student.
For example, if the student is having trouble understanding the lectures and the textbook readings, the tutor may offer other ways to present the information. If the student finds the pace of the school lessons too fast, the tutor may take the time to make sure that the student understands each lesson before proceeding to the next one. In some cases like Maths tuition Singapore students need to know a particular lesson to understand the next one.

The feedback from the tutor is also immediate. They can readily identify which areas the student is having difficulty with, so they can focus more on those. They can recognize which teaching methods are working and which ones are not.

2. Better Grades. A key benefit to tutoring is the improvement of the student’s grades. The tutor makes sure the student is learning his lessons, and that means better performance on standardized tests and quizzes. The boost in test scores is an undeniable indication of a student’s improvement.

3. Learn concepts & skills. At-home Singapore Tuition in its most effective form is not just about teaching the student to learn the study materials. For the best Maths tuition Singapore students don’t just learn math. Instead, they learn how to teach themselves math entirely on their own. The improved grades and the comprehension of mathematical concepts, plus a greater understanding of how they effectively learn with improved study habits, can help them manage their own learning abilities.

4. Better Social Skills. This is critically important; perhaps, one of the most advantageous point of hiring a good Singapore tutor. The improved grades and enhanced confidence also improves their behavior and social skills. That means they can get along better with their teachers, classmates, friends, and family.

Being able to help your child elevate their social groups cannot be understated. While this is strictly a choice of your child, having a good grades can help them be in the right cohort to meet other ambitious students (which will in turn propel them on with the right kind of “peer pressure”.) Effectively, grades are more than letters and percentages; it has it’s own domino and amplifying effect. This further emphasizes the value of engaging good Singapore Tuition agency.


Right Singapore tuition = Right Investment: Basically, these advantages all boil down to a simple fact—with the right Tuition Agency Singapore students can improve their grades significantly. Home tuition in Singapore can keep students from failing their subjects, while helping determined students get the scores they need to enter a prestigious university.


How Do You Choose a Tutor?

There are 3 crucial factors in finding the right tutor for your child.

1. They have to know the study material. This is obvious, but you may be amazed at how many school teachers don’t actually now enough about the material they teach in the classroom. It’s for that reason you need someone with the right college degree proving their expertise in the subject. The Singapore tutor you hire should have specialization in the specific field if possible.

2. They have to know the proper teaching methods. Many knowledgeable people in various subjects don’t really know how to impart their knowledge to their students. Your best bet is a tutor with enough experience in tutoring, and who knows about the current methods of teaching favored by current-day students.

3. They should be able to build rapport with the student. The 1 on 1 nature of tutoring means that unlike a school teacher who is more of a facilitator and mediator, a tutor is a student’s partner in learning. And there’s no effective partnership if the student can’t connect to the tutor. The student may just end up ignoring and tuning out the tutor (like they do with their school teachers) so there are no improvements at all.

A good way to find tutors is to find the right Tuition Agency for Singapore students. A good agency will have already screened their tutors, and it may provide additional training for them as well. You should also get some recommendations for a Tuition Agency in Singapore from students or their parents.

Singapore Tuition for your Child

Your child may be failing his classes or trying to be the best in his class. Either way, one invaluable resource for improvement is to get a qualified tutor. With Singapore Tuition at home from the right Tuition Agency in Singapore, students can do better in school as well as for the rest of their academic future.

We hope will serve as a valuable resource for helping you find the right tuition options in Singapore.